Dispatch and fright cost for EU and Oversea

I send my dolls according to the weight/sizes with the respectively most favorable alternative to the receiver. To make a cost overview possible for you, plese find down below the forcatsted shipping cost table (please note that in some cases additional TAX cost will be added by gouvenor side.
All dolls and accessories wich I exclusively manufacture I will send in corresponding to ther weigh and sizes in special wrapped boxes. I moreover use the advisable care at the packing. It has to be not excluded that to all the care by packing and handling that during the transport some problem or damage appeared. Please query the damage with the driver or supplier immediately and report the damage to me within 48 hours.
Weight in Kg (max. 20 Kg) Cost per delivery payment EU
5 23,81 Euro
10 26,81 Euro
20 30,11 Euro